Friday, February 24, 2012

Stupid decisions

Have you ever seen someone you love making decisions that could ruin their lives. And you wish you could just slap them across the head and smack some sense into them?

Why is it that we NEVER listen to our loved ones when they give us advice about how we're living our lives. If you come from a family like mine you should know that it's only said out of pure love and worry about your future.

Instead, we have to stand by and let things get so bad that HOPEFULLY they change. I know because I was that way too! I was in a situation that I KNEW i shouldn't of been in but for some reason when my family gave me their advice it made me want to continue doing what I was doing. Call it denial or whatever you want. But it's sad that it has to get to its absolute worst before it can get better.

It sucks watching it go down and not being able to change it or fix it. My heart is heavy tonight. :( life is too short to make decisions that will have consequences that can ruin your life and your familys lives. If you're going to marry someone make sure it's someone who loves you AND you're family and treats you with the utmost respect. Don't do stupid stuff like drugs and get drunk where you're making stupid decisions that can altar you're future ESPECIALLY when God had already saved your butt a few times before. Life is short. Then you die. Don't settle for a moment of gratification and forfeit a life and eternity of joy.

I hope you find yourself at the end of your life and that your proud of how you spent your time on earth. Until then you'll have a concerned loved one praying for you.

Please please please don't settle for second best.

Until next time
- Laura-Ashley

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