Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pocket-Sized Birdie

So here I am.
First blog entry. February 11,2012.
Husband is sleeping soundly next to me and baby is drifting peacefully.
I decided to start a blog because:
1. I found my Facebook statuses becoming more frequent and at times way longer than any status should be.
2. I have a lot of things I've seen/heard lately that I want to vent about.
3. My beautiful daughter is 6 months now and a lot is happening, I don't want to miss a single moment.

I decided to call my blog "Pocket-Sized Birdie" for two simple reasons.
While I'll be blogging about pretty much anything and everything, majority of my blogs will be about my sweetheart Raegan Presley.
My mom says more and more she's looking just like me when I was a baby. Hence; "Pocket-Sized" (and idk why but just to think of her as pocket-size is way cute.)

And you know those pictures you see in childhood books where there is a nest full of baby birds with their mouths wide open waiting for momma bird to give them a worm? Well my Raegan does the same thing.
At around three months old she started opening her mouth really wide and looks like a cute little baby birdie. :) (I'll have to post a picture of her doing that soon)

this is my Pocket-Sized Birdie

Thanks for stopping by and joining me on this crazy journey called life.

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