Monday, February 20, 2012

I love/hate Ikea

I just hate Ikea. And I love it all at the same time!

This weekend I went to ikea with my husband, daughter, parents, sister and brother in law. It was my beautiful moms birthday and I really enjoy spending time with my family.

My husband and I had been to Ikea a month ago and found an entertainment center we really wanted. So we came back to buy it.

If you've never been to Ikea before its a HUGE store. As you walk through they have living room, kitchen, bedroom displays everywhere. You start seeing things and imagining that stuff set up in your house.

We're sorta "remodeling" our living room. We had big black couches and we got rid of them for smaller brown couches. Our tv is hanging over our fire place so we wanted to do something new and get an entertainment center. our carpet is pretty gross so we'll be replacing that real soon. And we have a really comfy yellow rocking chair that I'm going to buy fabric for to reupholstered it.

I'm really excited about all these changes. It's fun to house decorate. While we were at ikea my sister and I thought i needed to pick a color to "pop" around the room cause the walls are tan and everything is a neutral color. So we saw these pillows ...

And decided to make the "pop" color green and I LOVE it. Looks so good. Now I have to buy some more green stuff!

So back to our entertainment center. If you've never been to or bought anything from ikea I'll let you know how it works. You walk through all the displays and if you see something you like you write down or take a picture of the number on the tag. And then when you get to the end of the store you end up in a warehouse and you have to find your product, get it and then go to the checkout. the problem is...(and this happened to me last time I went to go buy our bed there) when you see it upstairs you fall in love with the idea of getting that product and then imagining it in your house. Well when you get to the bottom 90% of the time the product is "out of stock" and that is so annoying

So my husband and I couldn't decided between the brown or white entertainment center. He wanted brown and I wanted white. He said I could make the decision (he's such a good hubby) but I was so indecisive. The entertainment center is actually 4 different pieces so I knew the odds of each piece being in stock was slim. So I told him "let's just get to the end of the store and whichever color has all the pieces in stock we'll buy."

So we get to the end and I just say lets get the brown. And Chris was like REALLY!? So we went to get the first piece and the white one was right next to it and I changed my mind again at the last second. Haha. So we get all the white pieces but couldn't find the last piece we needed. (of course) Chris said we could just come back next weekend but I'm impatient and Ikea is in Emeryville so its like 30/40 minutes away. So I say "let's just get the brown one" as we're walking towards the brown one I kept thinking I really wanted the white one so Chris made an executive decision and said were getting white.

Still bummed that we had to come back we walk towards the check out. Right before the check out there is an "as is section" meaning everything in the section is like half off because someone didn't want it or maybe it had a little ding on it. Last time I came to Ikea for our bed I found the same mattress I was going to buy for half off because the corner of the mattress had a little black spot on it. So we always look in this section before we leave. I told Chris "wouldn't it be funny if the piece we needed was in here" knowing full well it wouldn't be because the as is section was looking pretty empty and the piece we needed was so random. We walked in and saw a little white shelf on the ground and Chris was like THERE IT IS! I couldn't believe it. But when I looked over I saw he was just kidding.... "/ then right behind it....... I saw it! the one piece in the same exact color we needed! I couldn't believe my eyes! Regularly 130 now 64 dollars! Thank you Jesus! holler.

Still in disbelief we go to the check out and buy it. As we're walking out the door Chris noticed that one of the pieces we bought was the wrong piece! Ugh. So we have to return it and PRAY that they had the right piece in stock. Chris and Wes went back to look for it and couldn't find it. They asked the people behind the counter and luckily they had it in the back! Talk about An emotional roller coaster!

We ended up walking out the door with everything we wanted! :)

The boys putting it together.

And the finished product!

Until next time

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