Friday, June 22, 2012

Struggling to lose it

Hello friends.

So its late and that's when I tend to do most of my thinking. :)

Like an idiot I decided to log into my MySpace account for the first time in years to look at the pictures. I had forgotten how much weight I've gained since my MySpace years.

When a woman gets pregnant its such a beautiful thing. The big beautiful belly, the "glow".... All cute things that come with pregnancy. Minus the part when you have your baby the cute belly bump just turns into a sagging belly bump. And for a lot of woman, a belly bump that WON'T GO AWAY.

I've struggled a lot with my weight during this pregnancy but also even after my pregnancy. My main priority is my daughter so to find time for myself is pretty difficult.

To give birth is a powerful and life altering experience. And us woman are beautiful no matter how our body's turn out afterwards. That's just something I have to keep reminding myself daily as I work towards losing the weight. I know so many woman go through the many body changes of carrying a child. Husbands, don't forget to tell your wife how beautiful she is as much as possible. After all, she did carry your child for nine months.

So woman, stay encouraged. If you don't look like you did when you were 18, well that's okay because you're not 18 anymore. beauty really does come from the inside and if you are confident that you're beautiful other people will think you are too!

Plus: she's way too cute and so worth it

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  1. Really liked this entry. I have been stuggling for 2 years now! But there so worth it

  2. I feel ya! My baby will be one next week! :) but were strong an beautiful for sure!

  3. Here from the blog hop. I totally understand where you are. Do you best. That's all you can do.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. It's amazing how much our bodies change with pregnancy and then after is just a whole other story. I'm a new follower from the gfc blog hop. I host a weekly link party on Wednesdays and I'd love for you to join in some time.

  5. Babies are worth it, aren't they. I'm still battling a tummy tire that I'd love to lose, but looking at my sweetie girl keeps me from focusing too much on the downside of motherhood. Besides, there's nothing a little sweat and hard work can't erase. Thanks for joining the GFC hop today, Laura. Following you now, of course and loving your blog design and the cute baby in a pool pic.

  6. she really is adorable.
    following you from the blog hop!

  7. Love this - thanks for the encouraging words! Your daughter is beautiful!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  8. I'm a new follower from the blog hop!!This is a beautiful post. Very encouraging and your daughter is so adorable. I cannot wait to read more of your blog. Have a wonderful day!



  9. New follower through the GFC blog hop! I love this post! I too struggle with body image issues and I've been having a hard time losing weight. Thanks for this encouraging post!


  10. I love this post, and I will have to remember to read it after I give birth someday too:) Visiting from the GFC link-up!

  11. So true! But the stretch marks and flabby tummy are worth it all when you look at that adorable face! She is too cute!

    Visiting from the GFC hop! Following via GFC. Would love for you to stop by for a visit!

  12. Your blog is lovely - I love your wee birdies!!

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  13. New follower via the Hop! :) I don't know how I didn't find your blog before today...I love it! I can totally relate with what you are going through right now. I think you are beautiful...and so do a lot of others I'm sure :)

    Can't wait to follow along and


  14. She is so adorable! Glad to have found you through the hop! New follower! :)

  15. I'm right there with you on the weight struggle, and it is definitely important to focus on the amazingness that came from the pregnancy! I found you via the GFC blog hop and am happy to be your newest follower! I'd love a visit back at :)

  16. I'm right there with you - but my son is 18 months, I feel like I can't use that as an excuse anymore! Found you on the blog hop - and nominated you for a fun little award on my blog - come by and say hi =)

  17. Cute baby! Newest GFC follower from hop. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can. Hosting a facebook hop now. Love to have you!

  18. Hi Laura, visiting from the GFC blog hop. Your little one is sooooo cute!
    I've added myself to your followers, hope you can visit me and maybe follow back.

  19. I could not agree more, I hate looking at old pictures but i would do it all again in a second because being a mom is that amazing! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower from the GFC Hop from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  20. Ahhh your little one is adorable! Good luck with your journey!

    Just found your blog through last week's blog's darling! I can't wait to scour your site! :)

  21. I love this post. It's so hard to feel normal again after having a baby...I'm almost 7 months post baby #2 and just starting to feel like myself again, both physically and mentally. Your little one is too cute and yes, they're totally worth it!

    New follower from the GFC hop. Looking forward to poking around your blog!

  22. Wonderful post! It is so hard to come to terms with how your body changes after each and every pregnancy, and noticing that your personality feels the same but doesn't always fit with what you see in the mirror anymore is emotionally tiring. A new outlook is exactly the way to come to terms with it. I love the way you put words to it. :o)
    New Follower from the GFC blog hop.