Thursday, November 8, 2012

Baby #2

Oh hey look! I'm pregnant!
Here we go again!
So the Malkiewicz's are having another little pumpkin. Tonight I took a pregnancy test. And HELLO mister two lines. My period is pretty regular. I never go longer than 30 days before another cycle (tmi?) so today I was three days late and I just knew. Sure enough, I was right.
As of right this moment my ONLY symptom of pregnancy is constant pee'ing (tmi again?) but if you know me you know that that is common even when I'm not pregnant. And let's just pray it stays like this... No seriously pray for me because my last pregnancy was a BEAST! Everything that could possibly go wrong in a pregnancy, did.
I started off pregnancy with some serious strep throat. I was dog sick. Once that healed up it was severe morning sickness... All day long. Who ever decided to name that "morning sickness" anyways? It so doesn't just come in the morning! I literally threw up all day long for 10 months. Around week 21 my stomach started itching like a beast. I just assumed it was from it growing so I tried not to scratch because I didn't want to make stretch marks. But I could not fight the urge. At one point I just didn't care and scratched alllllll day long. Eventually they turned into little bumps and created some serious stretch marks :( but I noticed that the bumps were spreading all over my body. I wish I still had the picture on my phone so I could show you guys! It was so insane. All over my legs, arms, back of my hands, stomach and had even started up my neck! The itch was uncontrollable. You know when you get an itch and you scratch it and its like instant gratification? Yeah. This was nothing like that. I would be up crying in the middle of the night itching my skin that could not be satisfied. I went to the doctors and they could not believe what they were seeing. At one point 3 doctors were in the room just staring at me and a one hour appointment turned into an all day event. I ended up having PUPPPS. Which is basically an allergic reaction to PREGNANCY. Seriously? I've never had one allergy in my life!
So yeah, let's just hope this goes smoother.
My initial reaction? I do NOT want to do this again. Embarrassing to say but I still haven't lost the weight from my first one who is 15 months old. "/ I dread stepping on the scale at the doctors and inevitably gaining MORE weight. My second thought? Seriously? My daughter just started walking, she eats real people food, no bottle, and sleeps through the night... Why would we want to disturb this? We got a good thing going on. :)
Third thought? im a little sad that its not just gonna be me and Rae anymore. I want her to always feel loved and cared for and i would never want to make her feel like shes not the center of our attention anymore. I will have to give her my undivided attention for the next 10 months and then work extra hard to make sure she always feels important and loved. she'll be a great big sissy. Fourth thought? I believe that God has a plan and a timing for everything and although I'm still trying to get used to the fact that we're having another baby I know that this is Gods will and that he will supply all of our needs!

Good night my friends.
Until next time

Monday, November 5, 2012

A father?

Tonight as I was scrolling through good ol' Facebook I came upon a status update that really struck a nerve with me. As I am reading this girls update about how every little girl deserves a daddy to love and protect them and to call them his princess but how she had never had that, in fact her dad did the opposite, made her feel unsafe and was always commenting about her weight. My heart literally ached while reading this.

It is true. For a little girl, a daddy is crucial to how she will grow up and how she will feel about herself. Not only that but a daddy should set the tone for how any other man in her future should treat her.

I am utterly and undeservingly blessed with a dad who came home from work and played with my sister and I. Who kissed us and hugged us. Who coached our softball teams. Who even (and I found this out way later in life) delayed a house payment in order to pay for the sport that I was in that required traveling. You may say I was spoiled (and believe me I've been called that before) but my parents did everything in their power to create a life of love and stableness for my sister and myself. And I could never thank them enough.

In less than a month I will be 25 and I still don't understand why God gave me a devoted father and loving mother (I certainly did nothing to deserve it) but I'm eternally grateful that he did.

But my heart aches for all the little and even old girls/woman out there who have pathetic "dads" and working with teenagers I've heard it all. Rape, abandonment, abuse, addicts, work-a-holics... You name it I've heard the story.

To all the dads out there,

Be your kids number one fan. Besides God and your wife don't put ANYTHING or ANYONE in front of them. Even after a long day of work and all you want to do is relax... Spend TIME with them. You can never over use "I love you." When your kid talks to you, listen. Be your kids hero. And it will mold them into who they will become. In a world full of dead beat dads be the example.

To all the unfathered girls,

I'm so sorry that you got the short end of the stick. I'm sorry that you didn't have someone to protect you. I'm sorry that you never had someone say to you that you mean the world to them. I'm sorry that you never had a dad that called you his princess. Im so terrible sorry that a man who was supposed to be your hero left a void in your heart. And while I realize that nothing can ever change that, you should realize that even though your earthly father was/is a coward, you have a Heavenly Father that loves you more than even you can fathom. His love is never ending and there is NOTHING you can do to take his love away. He died for you. He is the king which makes you the princess. If you allow him he can fill the emptiness in your heart and give you a joy that you've never know before. He watches over you and protects you. Just give him a chance!

Until next time

Friday, September 21, 2012

A million things

Ever have a Million things on you're mind but have nothing to say?

That's me, tonight.

Ever just want to go away for a week or two... or three?

That's also me, tonight.

I hate the ups and downs of life. 24 years old you would think I'd be used to it. But right now, in this moment, I'm over it. Waiting for someone to call me and tell me I've won a vacation getaway... ??? Anybody?

Hmm, well that's all. Just keeping it real.


Monday, September 10, 2012

quick update

blog blog blog.

Hey guys,

So I know I don't blog as often as I should. I keep thinking I need to write more often but then the day flies by and its time for bed already! :) I am currently working on getting better at this.

Life for the Malkiewicz's is good right now. God is good, my family is incredible and my friends rock.

My sweet girl is 13 months old and beautiful as ever. She just took FOUR steps today by herself. Such an exciting time and so much fun watching her learn new things every day.

My husband is incredible and works so hard to provide for myself and my daughter. He is up and off to work before the sun even comes out and works a full day. He is my soul mate and I love him more than the day I met him, 10 years ago.

I have got to hang out with my best friend every weekend the the past four weekends! We live an hour apart so its difficult to get good quality time together! I thank God for this amazing friend of mine. It's nice to just have a friend, thats not your husband. lol. We get to have girl time and do girly things :) love her to pieces.

I still have the worlds greatest parents. Not sure what i would do without them, I will never get too old to need my mommy and daddy.

I have the best In-laws a girl can ask for. :) and most people can't say that!

My sis ( from "Life of a not so ordinary wife" blog) and bro in law are going on the disney cruise in 6 days! so jealous, my husband and I did the disney cruise for our honeymoon! Hope they have fun, they deserve a good vacay!

Life is good and all is well, I am a blessed girl!

until next time

Monday, August 27, 2012

Booty rash

Hi everybody! :)

My daughter is almost 13 months old and she has NEVER had a diaper rash. She was only sick once her whole life and never even got sick with shots.

The other day my poor sweet girl got a bad case of the runs. Not a big deal, we can manage that... However now her poor little bum is almost blistered with a rash from having diarrhea.

I had to leave her with my parents tonight to go with my husband to get some new lights for our church. When I got to my parents house my mom told me she went number 2 and ran away from her crying cause she knew she had to be changed and didn't want to because it hurt too bad. :( poor baby.

All day today she was so cuddly, all she wanted to do was lay with me and if I was doing something she just laid on the floor watching cartoons.

On the way to my parents house she cuddled her lemur and wouldn't let him go.

She's a trooper though. One tough cookie. In the midst of her pain she still tries to laugh and play. Love her to pieces.

Here's to praying she gets better soon!

Until next time

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Today I was skimming through Facebook and I came upon a long status from a lady that I know. I almost didn't read it because I was in a hurry but I read the words youth pastors and I knew she had gone to my parents youth group. It was a long status about how she appreciated that my parents didn't lecture her or point out her flaws but instead loved her and looked her straight in the eyes and encouraged her. She went on to say that "it changed who she became"

Two things:
1. I'm so grateful to have parents who truly love people. Who see the best in everyone. I love that someone can walk in the room and while everybody might have written them off they would/do see the potential in people. I want to be like that! I want to always see the good in people.

2. It seems like a lot of adults these days sort of think that this generation is "going to hell in a hand basket" that all teenagers are up to no good and that they just can't be trusted. I'm sort of sick of it. The problem these days is not the teenagers, it's the adults who have labeled them "troublemakers." Teenagers will ALWAYS rise to the expectation you set for them. If you have a teenager, set the bar high for them. Don't say to yourself that's an unrealistic goal. If YOU believe in them they will rise to the challenge. Love on and encourage a young person. Maybe you don't have any teenagers, you'd be surprised at how many teenagers there are out there who don't have parents who care about them. Show them some love. Stop telling them everything they do WRONG and encourage them to do what's RIGHT.

Because you never know, it might not only change who they are... But who they become.

Spoken out of working with teenagers for 10+ years now. Late night thoughts.

Until next time.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well my friends it official.... This girl.....

Is officially one!!!!

I seriously cannot believe it. All day today I told my husband what we would have been doing this time last year. Woke up: raegan was born an hour ago. At noon: we had a few visitors at the hospital. Night time: well, everyone was leaving the hospital
And it was out first night alone with her. I'm not sure if everyone did that but I did, I couldn't help it. I didn't want to put her to sleep tonight because I didn't want her birthday to end! She made it to one and now she needs to stop growing. :)

We had a fantastic party yesterday for her at the park. My family was such a huge help and I honestly don't know what I'd would do without them.

We had the party outside since its AUGUST and it's been so hot the last month. But of course the ONE day we have a party we woke up to rain and it was so windy and cold. People were wearing jackets and blankets! I couldn't believe it. I almost cried like 7 times before the party started. All of our decorations that my sis and I made wouldn't stay down and our pretty glass center pieces kept falling and shattering. It was kind of a nightmare and I kept saying "this is not how I imagined her first party going" and my dad, in all his wisdom, said "get used to it, doing things with a kid now usually never turns out how you would have imagined" but at the end of the day we were surrounded by family and friends and a whole lot of love and it turned out great!

And she went for the cake! Two hands in it and everything!

Digging in all of her presents!

One year has flown by, and she's such a blessing to our family! xoxo

Until next time

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Party prep

Wow two posts in one day?! I'm proud of myself! I'm trying my best to blog more frequently :)

Tonight my sister and I started on decorations for my baby girls 1st birthday party August 4th! So glad I have my sister to help me, don't know what I'd do without her. Visit her amazing blog

We started on the vintage fabric letters an haven't quite finished them yet but here's what we've done so far...

Cardboard cut out of her name

Tracing the fabric

The finished product.... Well sort of, still needs to be glued.

Her party is going to be vintage. Lots of fabric and mason jars! I'm so excited. P.S. I apologize for my tiny pictures, I'm updating my blog through my phone at the moment.

Until next time
- Laura-Ashley

Sticks and stones

Whoever said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" couldn't be more far from the truth!

One thing my parents ALWAYS told us concerning their personal relationship was that they never ever called each other any name. Wether in anger or even while joking. Stupid, dumb, retard, retarded.... Any sort of word like that was NEVER used in my house growing up. They had
too much respect for each other to call one another any rude name.

Now that I'm grown up and married my husband and I have taken this approach in our own relationship. I think MAYBE both of us have slipped up towards the beginning of our marriage but immediately apologized.

You may think to yourself, what's the big deal? Especially if your just playing around. Like if your spouse does something funny/ditsy and you jokingly say haha you're stupid! For my husband and I (which is also what we've learned from my parents) is that it's just a level of respect. You would never want to make your spouse feel less than.

This has also carried over into all my relationships, family, friends. The moment you "jokingly" call someone a name could possibly be the moment your friend or spouse or family member is going through something that you just don't know about and that name could really hurt their feelings.

So next time you're with somebody you love and you catch yourself calling them a name in anger or for fun, ask yourself, is what I just said to my loved one something that's going to make them feel BETTER about themselves or worse? I always want people to feel encouraged and better about themselves once their done hanging out with me. :)

Just a thought.

Until next time

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A week away

This past week my husband an I went away to youth camp with some of the teenagers from our church. We had a ton of fun. However, we left our little girl with my parents for the whole entire week.

Raegan has spent the night at their house before but never ever for a week long.

My mom said when my sister and I were little they used to leave us with our grandparents to go to the same camp my husband and I just got back from.

The night before we left for camp my husband heard me sniffling in bed and asked what was wrong with me. I told him I was going to miss Raegan. I didn't think I was going to be "that" parent but apparently I am. Just the thought of not waking up to her made me so sad.

The first night or two at camp I missed her but it wasn't so bad. Then when this one girl showed up at camp with her baby, my best friend (who also has two kids she left at home) and I started to tear up while eating lunch. haha.

By Wednesday night I could not sleep. I missed her so bad that I got my phone and just started flipping through all the pictures of her.

In the past whenever we went to camp and it was time to leave on Friday I usually just took my time, said goodbye to everyone... This time I could not leave fast enough. Not because I didn't have a blast but because I missed my kid so much. My husband and I were shoving all the teenagers stuff in the car (ready or not) and was probably really annoying them cause we kept saying "LET'S GO!!!" haha

The whole ride home I kept picturing how our reunion would be. haha. I even told my husband, okay I'm going to go in first and please wait a few minutes before you come in. Because she loves her daddy so much, but i wanted my moment. :)

We pulled up and I jumped out before the car even stopped. My mom met us outside and I ran for her. She seemed a little confused at first. Like, I'm pretty sure you're my mom but I'm not too sure. But after a few minutes she was laughing and showing me her toys and everything was back to normal.

When you're a stay at home mom it's easy to get into the grind of things and the repetitive schedule that can drive you insane. You obviously know how much you love you're kid but you always think, I could sure use a break. But the moment you get one you think, okay I want my kid back now! And I know every parent out there can agree with me on that one.

She ALWAYS naps in her crib but when I got home she refused to nap. So I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep on me :D

I love my sweet girl more than any other thing in this entire world. I would move heaven and earth just to make sure she knew how important and loved she is. She is my gem.

Until next time

- Laura-Ashley

Friday, June 22, 2012

Struggling to lose it

Hello friends.

So its late and that's when I tend to do most of my thinking. :)

Like an idiot I decided to log into my MySpace account for the first time in years to look at the pictures. I had forgotten how much weight I've gained since my MySpace years.

When a woman gets pregnant its such a beautiful thing. The big beautiful belly, the "glow".... All cute things that come with pregnancy. Minus the part when you have your baby the cute belly bump just turns into a sagging belly bump. And for a lot of woman, a belly bump that WON'T GO AWAY.

I've struggled a lot with my weight during this pregnancy but also even after my pregnancy. My main priority is my daughter so to find time for myself is pretty difficult.

To give birth is a powerful and life altering experience. And us woman are beautiful no matter how our body's turn out afterwards. That's just something I have to keep reminding myself daily as I work towards losing the weight. I know so many woman go through the many body changes of carrying a child. Husbands, don't forget to tell your wife how beautiful she is as much as possible. After all, she did carry your child for nine months.

So woman, stay encouraged. If you don't look like you did when you were 18, well that's okay because you're not 18 anymore. beauty really does come from the inside and if you are confident that you're beautiful other people will think you are too!

Plus: she's way too cute and so worth it

Until next time

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot date!

Tonight I went on a date with my smokin hot hubby. :) it's important to find time for just the two of you. More marriages would last if you would just make time to spend alone together and wake up every morning and CHOOSE to love your spouse. Give him an ol' kissaroo in public or how bout this, when was the last time you HELD YOUR SPOUSES HAND? seems silly but if you've been married any length of time you would know "hand holding" is scarce lol

Remember why you fell in love with your spouse and then do everything in your power to keep that spark alive!

My husband and I saw the Avengers tonight. I must say it was pretty good! I enjoyed it. And captain america and Thor were looking as good as ever ;)

Best part of the movie? When hulk was just tossin that guy around after his big speech about him being a "God" and the hulk can't touch him, my husband was literally in tears laughing so hard.

Nessecary movie snacks:



Our favorite spot to sit is sorta towards the front where the railing is so no one sits in front of us and we can put out feet up :)

Me and my boo <3

Until next time
- Laura-Ashley

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shots shots and more shots

Today was my sweet girls 9 month check up at the doctors. I figured we would be having to get shots but I was sad when the doc said she also had to get her blood drawn. :( the saddest part is she has no idea it's coming.

Waiting for the doctor to come in

So happy! :D

28 inches long and 17 pounds

Rolling around on the doctors chair...

Here is her playing in the water, it's a lot of work trying to keep a 9 month old occupied while waiting for the doctor.

This is Raegan after she got her leg shots. We're now waiting in line at the lab for bloodwork. You can see her face is a little red from a short amount of tears during the first shots. But she's a champ and was smile and waving at people not long after...

Waiting in the lab for Rae to get her next shots

They totally trick the kids with fun paintings of animals on the wall.... She was talking and waving to them

At this point I'm REALLY sad :( she's such a champ and had no idea what was going on.

After she had her blood drawn she was done. Tears, snot, the whole nine yards. The lady who took her blood held her afterwards and Raegan was not having it.

Her poor face all red from crying

And all of her battle wounds

On the way home she was trying her hardest to be happy but every once in a while she would make a sad noise.

She did so good though! It's heartbreaking when they have no idea whats happening. But now she is snoozing away after we rough afternoon

Until next time

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blow up!

Hey friends!

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately... Having a 9 month old who can now "roam" wherever he wants to is a full time job AND THEN some ;)

My mother in law bought Raegan this kiddie pool yesterday...

*side note: the lady on the box with the baby is CLEARLY the babysitter... No woman looks THAT good after giving birth. And if you do? Well then, you go girl!

Anyways, I was trying to sit and have a moment to myself this morning and my sweet daughter was ALL over the place and into EVERYTHING. The pool was sitting in the box on the couch so I had a thought: if I blow it up and put her in it, it can double as a distracting toy AND a cage?!


So here's how it went down in pictures.

20lb. pre-blow up leg work out...

My plan is ALREADY working, trying to play on it and I haven't even come close to finishing blowing it up...

Uhhhh can I help you?!


Uh oh, she's trying to escape!!!

Nothing cartoons and apple juice can't fix...

This plan was genius. Not only did I get a minute to relax but I managed to clean the WHOLE house while she played in it!

Now I want to go to Walmart and get come plastic balls to put in it to make a ball pit!

:) fun times.

Thanks for stopping bye

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains

I saw this today on Pinterest and immediately thought of my sweet Raegan.
I love this saying. I know every parent has huge dreams for their children but I KNOW that God has something HUGE that he is going to do with this one. Before she was even born it was prophesied that she would be a "voice to the nation" and that Chris and I would sit back in amazement at the things that our daughter will do for the Lord.
I'm so excited to watch her grow and make memories with her. I'm excited for who she's going to be and the decisions she's going to make. But mostly I'm excited that I get to be in her life forever and that she'll be looking to me for approval and for encouragement and let me tell you, I'm going to be/already am her BIGGEST fan. No one on this planet loves her more than I do!
I want to lead a life that my daughter can be proud of. I want to bring honor to my daughters name. I want to kiss her until she's sick of it and boast on her until she's embarrassed and says "mommmmm, stop!"
I know in my heart that This is why I was created. This is my calling. To be the best mommy I can be for my sweet baby.

I want to be the best I can be for the little eyes that are watching me

So for now, she sleeps and when she wakes she will move mountains.
Until next time

Saturday, March 17, 2012

DIY bows/headbands

Hey everyone! Tonight I made my daughter 4 bows. 2 of them were store bought flowers that I super glued onto head bands... Here is the picture of those.

Super cute and ready for spring!

After I did those I kind of got in the mood so I did two more out of headbands I already had and some left over materials I used for making tutu's for my daughter and my bff's daughter. Here is sort of the step by step of those two headbands. :)

Step 1. You need a headband.

Step 2. Cut out a square of felt

Step 3. Start folding it back and forth like those paper fans we used to make when we were kids. (don't act like you didn't do it)

And when you're done it should look like this

Step 4. You're going to need a piece of fabric like this for your middle piece

Step 5: hot glue this piece around the center of the bow

Now I'm not a fan of black on black however this is the only color felt I had and I didn't feel like running to the store at 10 o'clock at night ;)

So that leads me to...

Step 6: add some color if you'd like

And hot glue that around the center

Step 7. hot glue your bow onto your headband

This is what the finished product looks like :D

Step 8 (optional): cut out a round piece of felt

And super glue this on the other side (inside of headband) of wherever you glued the bow onto the headband

I like to do this so the hot dried glue doesn't irritate my daughters head. (she's 7 1/2 months and still doesn't have hair)

okay, headband number two

Step 1: headband

As you can see my optional piece of felt is already on this one.

Step 2: whatever ribbon you'd like

Step 3: turn ribbon around, fold in half and crease the middle. Put one line of hot glue in the center of the ribbon, on your crease.

Step 4: take each side one by one and glue them down, to the center of the crease. so it looks like this...

Step 5: put one dot of hot glue in the center of the crease and pinch together

Step 6: (this part may seem confusing I'll do my best to explain) take the two pieces left free just above the dot of hot glue you pinched together. Fold them over and put a dot of glue on each side. So it looks like this...

Step 7: take a little piece like this ...

Get a lighter and put the heat around the edges of this piece to melt it a little so it doesn't start shedding

Step 8: hot glue this piece around the center

Step 9: hot glue your finished bow onto your headband


You have yourself some cute new headbands.

My daughter is/was asleep for the night so I couldn't get any pictures of her wearing them but I will tomorrow and I'll put them in my blog!

Thanks for reading!