Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well my friends it official.... This girl.....

Is officially one!!!!

I seriously cannot believe it. All day today I told my husband what we would have been doing this time last year. Woke up: raegan was born an hour ago. At noon: we had a few visitors at the hospital. Night time: well, everyone was leaving the hospital
And it was out first night alone with her. I'm not sure if everyone did that but I did, I couldn't help it. I didn't want to put her to sleep tonight because I didn't want her birthday to end! She made it to one and now she needs to stop growing. :)

We had a fantastic party yesterday for her at the park. My family was such a huge help and I honestly don't know what I'd would do without them.

We had the party outside since its AUGUST and it's been so hot the last month. But of course the ONE day we have a party we woke up to rain and it was so windy and cold. People were wearing jackets and blankets! I couldn't believe it. I almost cried like 7 times before the party started. All of our decorations that my sis and I made wouldn't stay down and our pretty glass center pieces kept falling and shattering. It was kind of a nightmare and I kept saying "this is not how I imagined her first party going" and my dad, in all his wisdom, said "get used to it, doing things with a kid now usually never turns out how you would have imagined" but at the end of the day we were surrounded by family and friends and a whole lot of love and it turned out great!

And she went for the cake! Two hands in it and everything!

Digging in all of her presents!

One year has flown by, and she's such a blessing to our family! xoxo

Until next time


  1. How precious! :) She is such a cutie! The first bday is always so exciting!! :)

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  3. Hey there lovely! I am a new follower thanks to the blog hop. Super excited to keep up with all that you have going on your blog :D There are so many great link ups today, but I just had to be a part of this one. I am actually hosting one myself today called FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE. I don't know if you are an addict like myself, but I would love for you to swing by and link up with us. Plus! There is a giveaway too! Hope to see ya there.

  4. aww! so glad i came across your blog :) your name is super cute and i cant wait to read more about everything! happy tue friend! xo

  5. looks like she enjoyed herself just fine!! Your dad is a wise man!! :)
    Do visit my blog when you can!

  6. Hi! Stopping by from the Hop!! I am now your newest follower!:)
    Raegan is adorable!! Can't wait till my little one is 1.
    Kerry xo

  7. Happy Birthday to that sweet little one! That first year just flies by, doesn't it?! I think the second one may be going even fast around here.

    Stopping by from the GFC Hop. Hope you'll stop by to visit my blog as well :)

  8. so cute, im new follower GFC #88

  9. Oh goodie...we can cry together because my little girl just turned 1 too...ugh it's totally not fair how fast the time went - who KNOWS how fast the next year will go we dare even think about it?? ha.

  10. She is so cute! its crazy how fast it goes, isn't it!?

    i'm your newest follower from the GFC hop!