Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hot date!

Tonight I went on a date with my smokin hot hubby. :) it's important to find time for just the two of you. More marriages would last if you would just make time to spend alone together and wake up every morning and CHOOSE to love your spouse. Give him an ol' kissaroo in public or how bout this, when was the last time you HELD YOUR SPOUSES HAND? seems silly but if you've been married any length of time you would know "hand holding" is scarce lol

Remember why you fell in love with your spouse and then do everything in your power to keep that spark alive!

My husband and I saw the Avengers tonight. I must say it was pretty good! I enjoyed it. And captain america and Thor were looking as good as ever ;)

Best part of the movie? When hulk was just tossin that guy around after his big speech about him being a "God" and the hulk can't touch him, my husband was literally in tears laughing so hard.

Nessecary movie snacks:



Our favorite spot to sit is sorta towards the front where the railing is so no one sits in front of us and we can put out feet up :)

Me and my boo <3

Until next time
- Laura-Ashley

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shots shots and more shots

Today was my sweet girls 9 month check up at the doctors. I figured we would be having to get shots but I was sad when the doc said she also had to get her blood drawn. :( the saddest part is she has no idea it's coming.

Waiting for the doctor to come in

So happy! :D

28 inches long and 17 pounds

Rolling around on the doctors chair...

Here is her playing in the water, it's a lot of work trying to keep a 9 month old occupied while waiting for the doctor.

This is Raegan after she got her leg shots. We're now waiting in line at the lab for bloodwork. You can see her face is a little red from a short amount of tears during the first shots. But she's a champ and was smile and waving at people not long after...

Waiting in the lab for Rae to get her next shots

They totally trick the kids with fun paintings of animals on the wall.... She was talking and waving to them

At this point I'm REALLY sad :( she's such a champ and had no idea what was going on.

After she had her blood drawn she was done. Tears, snot, the whole nine yards. The lady who took her blood held her afterwards and Raegan was not having it.

Her poor face all red from crying

And all of her battle wounds

On the way home she was trying her hardest to be happy but every once in a while she would make a sad noise.

She did so good though! It's heartbreaking when they have no idea whats happening. But now she is snoozing away after we rough afternoon

Until next time

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blow up!

Hey friends!

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately... Having a 9 month old who can now "roam" wherever he wants to is a full time job AND THEN some ;)

My mother in law bought Raegan this kiddie pool yesterday...

*side note: the lady on the box with the baby is CLEARLY the babysitter... No woman looks THAT good after giving birth. And if you do? Well then, you go girl!

Anyways, I was trying to sit and have a moment to myself this morning and my sweet daughter was ALL over the place and into EVERYTHING. The pool was sitting in the box on the couch so I had a thought: if I blow it up and put her in it, it can double as a distracting toy AND a cage?!


So here's how it went down in pictures.

20lb. pre-blow up leg work out...

My plan is ALREADY working, trying to play on it and I haven't even come close to finishing blowing it up...

Uhhhh can I help you?!


Uh oh, she's trying to escape!!!

Nothing cartoons and apple juice can't fix...

This plan was genius. Not only did I get a minute to relax but I managed to clean the WHOLE house while she played in it!

Now I want to go to Walmart and get come plastic balls to put in it to make a ball pit!

:) fun times.

Thanks for stopping bye