Sunday, July 15, 2012

A week away

This past week my husband an I went away to youth camp with some of the teenagers from our church. We had a ton of fun. However, we left our little girl with my parents for the whole entire week.

Raegan has spent the night at their house before but never ever for a week long.

My mom said when my sister and I were little they used to leave us with our grandparents to go to the same camp my husband and I just got back from.

The night before we left for camp my husband heard me sniffling in bed and asked what was wrong with me. I told him I was going to miss Raegan. I didn't think I was going to be "that" parent but apparently I am. Just the thought of not waking up to her made me so sad.

The first night or two at camp I missed her but it wasn't so bad. Then when this one girl showed up at camp with her baby, my best friend (who also has two kids she left at home) and I started to tear up while eating lunch. haha.

By Wednesday night I could not sleep. I missed her so bad that I got my phone and just started flipping through all the pictures of her.

In the past whenever we went to camp and it was time to leave on Friday I usually just took my time, said goodbye to everyone... This time I could not leave fast enough. Not because I didn't have a blast but because I missed my kid so much. My husband and I were shoving all the teenagers stuff in the car (ready or not) and was probably really annoying them cause we kept saying "LET'S GO!!!" haha

The whole ride home I kept picturing how our reunion would be. haha. I even told my husband, okay I'm going to go in first and please wait a few minutes before you come in. Because she loves her daddy so much, but i wanted my moment. :)

We pulled up and I jumped out before the car even stopped. My mom met us outside and I ran for her. She seemed a little confused at first. Like, I'm pretty sure you're my mom but I'm not too sure. But after a few minutes she was laughing and showing me her toys and everything was back to normal.

When you're a stay at home mom it's easy to get into the grind of things and the repetitive schedule that can drive you insane. You obviously know how much you love you're kid but you always think, I could sure use a break. But the moment you get one you think, okay I want my kid back now! And I know every parent out there can agree with me on that one.

She ALWAYS naps in her crib but when I got home she refused to nap. So I picked her up and she immediately fell asleep on me :D

I love my sweet girl more than any other thing in this entire world. I would move heaven and earth just to make sure she knew how important and loved she is. She is my gem.

Until next time

- Laura-Ashley


  1. Just found your blog through the GFC Link up!
    Seriously nothing sweeter than your little one falling asleep on you:)
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  6. I totally understand missing your child.
    My oldest who is 4 has spent weekends with her grandparents since she was 4 months, but my youngest who is 4 months has never spent a night away from me. The longest he has ever been away from me was like 12 hours and I didn't realize I would miss him as much as I did. I can't spend 2 hours away from him without missing him.
    The longest I've been away from my 4 year old was about a week and after the 2nd day I was crying to be reunited with her. She's my mini-me and I felt incomplete without her.

    I am glad that you and your daughter had a sweet reunion.

  7. Just found your blog and have to say your daughter is flipping adorable. Love it!

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  8. how sweet!! I am not a mom yet but I can imagine I will be the same way!!!

    Found you through the hop!!! Can't wait to read more!!

  9. Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine! I haven't been away from Miles for a night yet (he's almost seven months) and I know it would be so hard!

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  10. Hi, coming over from the GFC blog hop. I can totally relate. My husband and I decided to have a get away 10th anniversary. We left our 2 kids with my parents. I would have thought that I would be fine and they were old enough...but it looks like it's the same story!! :))

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  11. what a darling baby!

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  12. What an amazing story! Not gonna lie - I might have gotten a little teary. I'm thrilled to be your newest follower and would love it if you could return the follow if you get the chance and wish to :)
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  13. I totally understand missing you think everything will be fine and boom you end up missing them like crazy!

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  14. Missing them is normal!
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