Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blow up!

Hey friends!

I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts lately... Having a 9 month old who can now "roam" wherever he wants to is a full time job AND THEN some ;)

My mother in law bought Raegan this kiddie pool yesterday...

*side note: the lady on the box with the baby is CLEARLY the babysitter... No woman looks THAT good after giving birth. And if you do? Well then, you go girl!

Anyways, I was trying to sit and have a moment to myself this morning and my sweet daughter was ALL over the place and into EVERYTHING. The pool was sitting in the box on the couch so I had a thought: if I blow it up and put her in it, it can double as a distracting toy AND a cage?!


So here's how it went down in pictures.

20lb. pre-blow up leg work out...

My plan is ALREADY working, trying to play on it and I haven't even come close to finishing blowing it up...

Uhhhh can I help you?!


Uh oh, she's trying to escape!!!

Nothing cartoons and apple juice can't fix...

This plan was genius. Not only did I get a minute to relax but I managed to clean the WHOLE house while she played in it!

Now I want to go to Walmart and get come plastic balls to put in it to make a ball pit!

:) fun times.

Thanks for stopping bye